Mine - extended remix 12" Maxi Single


Focus: Melody and harmonies.

The basslines show their teeth and are important parts of the melodies.

When Andy mixes music he looks for the wrongs, he does not go for the easy solutions.

Most of the songs are technology driven but they work on a simple piano.

The songs are mixed on a classic hi-fi stereo from 1993 with big B&W speakers.

All songs are mastered in a studio on Music Row, Nashville, USA.

When Andy mixes music in his studio, he knows that room and equipment very well, he has been listening to music there for +10 years.

The songs have been evaluated by A&R Managers in Los Angeles +200 times versus the Hollywood market.

Sometimes he draws his melodies, while making them.

For recording vocals in the studio he uses a microphone which nobody else would use, a 30 year old Sennheiser model.

Inspiration: Check out the song Inspiration

Passion, unpolished, no compromise.