New single, Rebel.


It all starts with a long and serious song text. Andy has written +100 of those.

Andy has his own sound, he does not read music, does not go by rules, is self taught and was not musically trained, he does not play any instrument.

He owns 100% of the rights to his songs.

When he finally got his record contract, he did not want to sign it.

When his music is released he has total freedom.

Andy does not care about the money in music.

Some of the singers have record contracts, Andy is not allowed to reveal their names.

He had to destroy one of his songs in order to make it work.

One of his songs took one and a half year to put together.

The best song he ever wrote is more than 15 years old. It was never released.

Andy proves his musicality e.g. in the song Combat which consists of a long list of single/double words from his world of martial arts; no sentences, nothing is repeated, Chinese/English rhymes.

The song text for Inspiration is created only with names of the people who inspired him the most in the music business.