Noise - extended remix 12" Maxi Single


(Dark, noisy, masculine).

The word Synth-pop is not popular and does not describe the genre very well.
Dispite the name Synth-pop this genre is not well known; some bands are well kept secrets.

Andy has roots in Industrial music and listened to bands like Frontline Assembly and Skinny Puppy in the nineties.

Other Synth-pop bands:

Mesh, England, best singer/best sound.
Assemblage 23, USA, the king of Synth-pop.
Apoptygma Berzerk, Norway.
De/Vision, Germany.
Covenant, Sweden.
Vanguard, Sweden.
Project Pitchfork, Germany.

-And of course, in the old days: Depeche Mode. (They are a rock band now).

For every song on the albums and on the 12" Maxi Singles there is a simple piano version in Andy's creative YouTube channel.
Stripped down piano versions without technology to help, in order to let the songs come out and focus on the melodies.