Andy's poetry collection

Song texts.

Andy’s song texts are about: Happy/unhappy love, passions, desire, life, life experience, freedom, and about being a man.

The average Andy Ry Denmark song consists of approx. 40 lines of text and 10 small melodies.

Most of the song texts have been written in the streets of Copenhagen or on the way home from Copenhagen.

Most of the song texts from the albums were published in his poetry collection before the albums were made.

Andy is true to his style. He never liked the idea of an album with only one good song in it, and then the rest sounds different.
The song texts are personal and straight forward. They could not have been written by other people.

He is from a rich family but chose to live periods of his life as a poor man e.g. with no money for food or heating; a theme you will find in some of the songs like Cold, EnergyBackPoor and Rich.

He is rich without money. A poor man in luxury.